Addiction Recovery Tips for a Stressful Workplace Environment

Addiction Recovery Tips for a Stressful Workplace Environment

How to Maintain Addiction Recovery in a High Stress Workplace

It is not uncommon for adults to experience stress at work especially when dealing with sales quotas, project deadlines and demanding clients. While it is difficult for anyone in this situation, those in addiction recovery face the unique challenge of leaving the stress in the workplace and refraining from turning to drugs or alcohol to cope. There are many ways for those in recovery to maintain sobriety without having to quit your demanding job. Silver Linings Recovery Center highlights 6 workplace addiction recovery tips when dealing with stress.

Workplace Addiction Recovery: 6 Tips to Maintain Sobriety

Be Open & Honest: As you learned in your addiction therapy program, harboring your thoughts, feelings and emotions can lead to a relapse. If there are certain behaviors or points of contention taking place at work speak to your higher-ups. Expressing that there may be some unhealthy policies or attitudes can certainly lead to positive changes.

Take Time for Yourself: Federal law mandates that your job gives you breaks, sick time and paid time off. While you don’t want to seem as if you’re taking advantage, make sure you take quality time for yourself. Spend it enjoying newfound sober activities like hiking, enjoy a spa day or just relaxing at home.

Determine Boundaries: Many of us are accessible 24/7 through our smartphones, but this can sometimes lend to being taken advantage of in the workplace. Set boundaries as to when you’re available to answer work related calls and emails, especially after office hours and on the weekends.

Track Stressors: Privately write down work-related processes or colleague actions that are causing you unnecessary stress. This can help you better cope and prepare yourself for when these situations arise.

Attend Meetings: Especially if you’re new if your sobriety journey meetings are extremely important to keep you on track, focused and prepared for stressful situations.

Keep in Touch with your Resources: Whether through your drug & alcohol addiction treatment center or at your sober living house you’ve met a vast network of therapists and sober friends. Be sure to stay in contact with them to help you on your long-term journey.

Continued Counseling for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Silver Linings Recovery Center offers many options to get you or your loved one on the path to long term recovery. Besides our treatment programs, we offer continued addiction therapy, telehealth therapy, life skills development, family support & education therapy and much more. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to sobriety or you’ve been working your program for several years, we are here for you every step of the way.

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