Xanax Addiction Treatment Facility

Xanax Addiction Treatment Center

Xanax, one of the most popular prescription drugs for anti-anxiety in the United States, is part of the drug class “benzodiazepines” which treats anxiety and panic disorders. Due to the calming feeling and sedative-like state it puts the users into Xanax is often abused resulting in addiction and/or the need to use stronger drugs. Xanax addiction treatment and detoxification must be handled by a team of medical professionals and recovery support staff due to the dangerous and uncomfortable side effects. Silver Linings Recovery Center has a full-time staff of intake specialists, nurse practitioners and therapists to create an individualized Xanax addiction treatment and detoxification plan. Start your path to recovery today; call 1-855-960-3719 to speak with a drug & alcohol addiction treatment expert.

Xanax Withdrawal & Detox Treatment Program

The first step towards a life free from addiction to drugs and alcohol is detoxification. With any drug, but especially a Xanax addiction, it must be handled delicately, by a team of medical professionals. Since stopping this prescription drug cold turkey can lead to severe side effects our staff will put you on a tapering dose, which results in a longer stay in the detox program. At Silver Linings Recovery Center we offer both inpatient and outpatient detoxification programs depending on your level of addiction, home support system, work/life routine and the body’s reaction to coming off of the drugs/alcohol. While this is the most uncomfortable step for those seeking treatment, it is a necessary one that paves the path for long-term recovery.

Addiction & Xanax Abuse Rehab Center

Once you’ve successfully completed detox and the drug has been completely out of your system for the recommended 50 hours, you will move onto one of our varying levels of Xanax addiction treatment. Again, our goal is to make your road to recovery as successful as possible, which is why we offer various levels of addiction treatment to best accommodate you and your loved ones. A residential treatment program is the most intense and calls for patients to live in our treatment facility for the duration of their recovery. Partial hospitalization is slightly less intense, but still mandates you’re at the treatment facility 8 hours per day, 5-6 days per week. Finally, flexible options include intensive outpatient or general outpatient which requires a lower amount of commitment time, but still provides a successful path to long-term recovery.

Therapy & Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

One of the most important aspects to treating an addiction is discovering the root of the substance use disorder and learning coping mechanisms to deal with life & stress after rehabilitation. At Silver Linings Recovery Center we can achieve this through various forms of addiction therapy including group therapy, individualized sessions and family support & education program. Our professional therapists specialize in working with addiction and helping those suffering heal and learn coping mechanisms for the future.

If you’re ready to start the journey to long-term recovery, Silver Linings Recovery Center is here to help you now. Our treatment facility specializes in Xanax and other forms of prescription drug addiction, as well as alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin, opioid addiction treatment and much more. To talk to an intake specialist, call 1-855-960-3719: get help now.


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