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Outpatient Rehabilitation for Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment NJ

Outpatient treatment is a very powerful tool for overcoming addiction to drugs & alcohol, even with its flexibility. Unlike inpatient treatment, the individual is not required to live at the facility but will be put on a scheduled treatment plan. Silver Linings Recovery Center in East Windsor, NJ offers outpatient rehabilitation as an option for those with serious obligations outside of treatment. If childcare, work responsibilities or taking care of a sick family member mean you cannot dedicate 24/7 to treating your drug or alcohol addiction, Silver Linings Recovery Center in Mercer County, NJ offers outpatient rehabilitation treatment that will help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and get you on the path to long-term recovery.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Treatment options are catered to the needs of the individual. We want to make sure the goals are realistic and not overwhelming. Before we put you on an outpatient treatment program schedule, our intake counselors will evaluate your physical condition, willingness to participate in treatment and past/present patterns of substance abuse. These factors will allow us to put you on a schedule that works best for your lifestyle and facilitates an environment of recovery. Some individuals will come to the East Windsor, NJ outpatient treatment facility once per week, while for others 3 – 5 times per week is the best course of action. The key for those enrolled in a flexible outpatient program is that you go home to a supportive, sober family who will help keep you on track with your recovery.

Key Components of Outpatient Treatment Program

While the exact components of an outpatient program are tailored to the individual, there are several main aspects of treatment our patients can expect:

Screening and Intake: Every patient must be evaluated to help us create an effective treatment plan. Our intake specialist will discuss physical condition, psychological function, outside support/resources, previous treatment, willingness to participate and past/present patterns of drug & alcohol abuse.

Assessment: Taking the screening factors into consideration, we’ll go over treatment goals and a timeline.

Orientation: We’ll give you a tour of the facility, introduce you to some therapists/staff members and discuss the rules, costs and other guidelines. 

Treatment Services: Silver Linings Recovery Center runs a holistic-based treatment program where we focus on a mindful approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You can expect to take part in yoga classes, exercise classes and support groups as part of your treatment.

Therapy: Therapy is an important part of the healing process. Overcoming past trauma and discovering the root of your addiction will help you heal and move onto a future free of addition.

Aftercare Planning: A post outpatient treatment plan must be put into place to prevent relapse. Aftercare can include a sober living home, weekly therapy sessions, a sponsor and/or weekly AA meetings.

Benefits of Silver Linings Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

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