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Silver Linings Recovery Center, a drug & alcohol addiction treatment facility in Langhorne, PA & East Windsor, NJ, is proud to now offer a certified, personal life coach on staff. Many people greatly benefit from the help of a dedicated life coach, but especially those in recovery who are looking for guidance, clarity and fulfillment in their newly sober lives. During your individualized, personalized session we will identify short and long term goals, attainable strategizes for achievement and ways to feel content in your relationships, career and day-to-day life. Our life coaching services are available to those who are currently or previously sought treatment at our recovery facility, as well as men & women seeking a happier, more meaningful life.

Certified Life Coach Services

Trained, certified and highly dedicated to each client, our life coach takes an all-encompassing approach to helping people in many specific areas.

Life Coaching: Throughout your sessions we will help to clarify goals in your life, career and personal relationships. Further, it is important to identify obstacles that have held you back in the past and ways to overcome them successfully.

Personal Coaching: Going a step further, here we work with clients in both their personal relationships and personal growth. Identifying goals in finance, health and fitness, our coach will help you take the initiative to achieve your goals.

Sober Coaching: Those in the early stages of sobriety will greatly benefit from having a life coach to provide one-on-one assistance to help you refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol.

Recovery Coaching: For our clients further along in their recovery process, we offer the necessary tools and guidance to stay on the right path to long term sobriety. We help you to focus on goals and a successful life free from drugs and alcohol.

Importance of Life Coaching in Addiction Recovery

Our professional life coach can help change your life in so many positive ways! Not only can we help those struggling with addiction or in recovery make better decisions, we can help you set & achieve goals, build healthy relationships with friends and family and, overall, improve your life. Allow our life coach to guide you through the recovery journey and set you on the right path to long term sobriety.

You do not have to be a client or resident at our addiction treatment center in order to take advantage of our life coaching sessions. Please note that our personal & recovery coaching is not covered under insurance & will be an out-of-pocket expense. To get started on turning your goals into a reality, call 1-855-960-3719 to set up your first meeting today.

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