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Silver Linings Recovery Center Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Mercer County NJ

Silver Linings Recovery Center is here to help those in New Jersey who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction to drugs or alcohol. Located in East Windsor, NJ, our addiction specialists, counselors and medical staff tailor your treatment program to meet your specific needs. We are rooted in a holistic & mindful approach, using therapy, meditation and yoga to reintroduce you to a sober life and long-term recovery. Our addiction treatment center in New Jersey offers a peaceful healing environment and support through each level of care. Call our admissions office at 855-960-3769 for more information about our recovery center, treatment services and programs.

4 Stages of Substance Abuse Treatment

Generally, your substance abuse treatment plan will be divided into four phases:

  • Assessment: The patient assessment process is vital for our staff to plan an individualized treatment plan. Upon arrival to our East Windsor, NJ treatment center you will go through an evaluation process by our team of therapists, counselors, doctors and support staff. We’ll pinpoint each of your addictions, discuss underlying medical issues and determine if there are mental health issues to be treated.
  • Detox: Before we can start you on your treatment plan your body must detox and flush all the drugs in your system. Sometimes this can be the hardest and scariest part of treatment. We have a full medical staff for support and supervision during detoxification.
  • Rehabilitation: Now that we have gotten the drugs and alcohol out of your system, we must dive deep into the core reasons of your substance abuse and addiction. We’ll achieve this through individual & group therapy sessions, family support programs and holistic treatment.
  • Aftercare: After you have completed your 30/60/90-day treatment, we’ll recommend moving into a sober living home. This will help you use the tools and coping mechanisms you’ve learned and apply them to a controlled real-world setting.

New Jersey Addiction Treatment Programs

A treatment program will different between residents, depending on their specific needs, lifestyle, work and family situations. Silver Linings Recovery Center in East Windsor, NJ offers three basic substance abuse treatment programs.

Residential/Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment allows you to live in a substance free facility 24/7 to receive care, therapy, support and medical attention. We find this is a highly effective treatment method, especially for those battling long-term addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Outpatient Treatment

This comprehensive addiction treatment offers the same types of therapy and care as inpatient, but it allows you to continue to live at home throughout the recovery process. This is a great option for those who need to care for a loved one or continue to work & go to school while attending addiction therapy.

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

MAT combines the use of medication and behavioral therapy to treat substance addition. The patient’s plan is created and carefully monitored by a doctor. This “whole-patient” approach to treatment includes FDA-approved medication, behavioral therapies and counseling.

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in New Jersey

Selecting the right rehabilitation center is key to your overall success and long-term addiction recovery. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need to live the sober, drug-free life you deserve. Our New Jersey location is situated in the quiet suburban town of East Windsor, NJ. Our addiction treatment facility proudly serves the surrounding areas of Mercer County NJ, Middlesex County NJ, Monmouth County NJ, Burlington County NJ and Ocean County NJ. Call our admissions office at 855-960-3769 to talk to our team of treatment specialists.

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