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Holistic Substance Use Recovery Center

Recovering from addiction is a journey that requires healing on all levels: mind, body, and soul. Beyond the traditional methods of detox, therapy sessions, and medical treatment, holistic addiction treatment is all-encompassing and customized to each patient.

While traditional methods are effective tools, many studies show that holistic therapies are useful in deterring substance abuse relapses. A holistic and mindful approach to addiction addresses the root of the addiction while treating the disease, not just the symptoms. 

Silver Linings Recovery Center in Langhorne, PA and East Windsor, NJ is a holistic recovery center that combines holistic addiction treatment practices with traditional therapy. As a result, Silver Linings provides its patients with a well-rounded treatment plan that leads to long-term sobriety.

Holistic & Mindful Addiction Treatment Approach

While suffering from addiction, it is common to let go of hobbies you once enjoyed. It’s also common for people to isolate themselves with your substance of choice. Soon, life seems almost unenjoyable without drugs or alcohol to turn to when you’re bored. This is why holistic addiction treatment is so important. 

More than a treatment program, you need to learn coping strategies and tools to live a healthy and positive life. Silver Linings Recovery Center provides holistic therapies that introduce you to a sober life again. You’ll learn behavioral techniques to maintain sobriety, discover new interests, and reconnect with who you are as a person.

nutritional holistic treatment

Benefits of Holistic Treatment


Many forms of holistic treatment focus on restructuring the diet of the person in recovery to one that is healthy and wholesome. Providing addiction recovery patients with holistic nutritional treatment is beneficial because it helps repair the damage that chronic abuse of alcohol and drugs did to their bodies. Nutritional holistic treatment also provides addiction recovery patients with a visual and tangible sign of their recovery progress. 


Physical holistic treatments that incorporate different forms of exercise also help repair the damage that chronic alcohol and drug abuse does to the body of an addiction recovery patient. The forms of exercise done in addiction treatment centers vary from rock-climbing and hiking to horseback riding, and more. 

Not only do physical holistic treatments help repair the bodies of addiction recovery patients, but they have a positive effect on the mental health of the patients as well. This is due to the fact that physical activity increases the level of endorphins in the body. This, in turn, helps relieve the addiction recovery patients of any stress, anxiety, and/or depression symptoms that they are experiencing.

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mental peace holistic treatment


Many addiction recovery patients started abusing alcohol and/or drugs because of mental health issues that they were previously suffering from. As a result, it is vital that addiction treatment centers provide activities that cater to the mental health of their patients. 

By nature, all forms of holistic addiction treatment have positive effects on the mental health of addiction recovery patients. All holistic addiction treatments act to relieve addicts of anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness that they are suffering from. This relief can come in the form of physical/behavioral activities like exercise and breathing techniques or creative holistic treatments such as playing music and painting. 


Holistic addiction treatments are introspective in nature. As a result, the practices within these treatments often make addiction recovery patients more aware of their emotions. 

In turn, holistic addiction recovery patients can identify the ways that they have inflicted emotional harm and conflict on themselves and others. Through the emotional awareness that a holistic recovery center provides its patients with, addiction recovery patients gain the tools to heal any broken relationships that their addiction has caused them. 

emotional holistic treatment
social holistic treatment


By participating in the exercises and practices that a holistic recovery center provides, you will gain new skills that will help you bond with others. Through these new bonds, you will develop better social skills and will be more prepared to function in the world in a healthy manner.

Holistic Behavioral Techniques to Help Maintain Sobriety


Meditation is one of the most common holistic behavioral practices. It can help an individual maintain sobriety by increasing the individual’s sense of inner peace, self-awareness, and self-control. 

A greater sense of inner peace, self-awareness, and self-control can help recovering individuals cope with the effects of mental illness. Also, individuals can gain skills to manage the stress and temptations that come with re-entering the world as a person in recovery.


Yoga is a holistic behavioral practice that exercises both the body and mind. This is done by performing physical movements that build strength and flexibility in the body while simultaneously performing breathing exercises that help you focus and quiet your mind. Through yoga, addiction recovery patients will experience the mental and physical holistic benefits stated above. 

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art therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy includes any artistic practice that can help soothe the mind and gain insight into one’s thoughts, emotions, and inner trauma. One beneficial way to perform art therapy is to draw or paint freely and then express the thoughts and emotions behind the drawings or paintings. 

Art therapy helps addiction recovery patients reap the mental and emotional benefits of holistic treatment. When those in recovery go on to utilize the creative skills that they have gained through art therapy to bond with others, they can even reap the social benefits of holistic treatment.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a holistic therapeutic practice in which individuals imagine a person, place, or thing that makes them feel safe. A holistic mental professional then guides the individual to mentally engage in their senses or do something while picturing themselves in their safe place. 

Research shows that guided imagery can boost people’s immune systems. It also shows that this method can lower people’s blood pressure and cholesterol. Finally, this method is said to help people cope with anxiety and depression, and even help foster weight loss.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to activate your smell receptors and mind. Different essential oil scents are associated with different types of holistic benefits. 

For example, essential oils in the scent of lemon oil and peppermint are used to relieve stress. Sage oil is used to improve memory. Essential oil scents such as coffee or cinnamon help boost energy. Scents like rosehip and buckthorn increase oxygen and blood flow, which, in turn, helps increase healing. Calming scents, like eucalyptus, help ease headaches. 


Acupuncture is a thousand-year-old Chinese practice in which a trained practitioner inserts needles into your skin to activate certain points in your body. Studies show that acupuncture helps ease physical pain and headaches. You can also use acupuncture to help you fight mental, digestive, and fertility issues. 

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What We Offer Here at Silver Linings Recovery Center 

At Silver Linings Recovery Center, we combine traditional addiction treatment with holistic treatments to provide a well-rounded long-term recovery plan. Traditional treatment includes daily therapy sessions, family therapy, and life skills development. Holistic addiction treatment includes mindfulness, yoga, art therapy, nutrition groups, and much more. 

We offer a positive environment for clients to detox, receive medical treatment, work through mental illnesses, and discover new hobbies to bring back to their new sober life. By combining these two approaches, our patients learn the skills they need to maintain a sober life while also exploring new and positive hobbies.

Services that we offer include intervention, those that can help you with your employer/employee relations, services for skilled labor professionals, medication-assisted therapy, family support and education therapy, life skills development services, and extended support for our Silver Linings alumni. 

Our recovery resources include community events and addiction resources. At Silver Linings, we also offer different levels of addiction treatment programs. These include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, general outpatient programs, and detox programs. 

To reach our rehab center, visit our website. You can call us or email us to begin your journey to recovery today! 

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