How to Keep Your Sobriety during the Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Sobriety during the Holiday Season

Tips to Keep your Sobriety during the Holiday Season

From mid-November through the New Year, our schedules are suddenly jam-packed with office parties, brunches, family holiday dinners and so much more. While many people look forward to this time of year to celebrate in all the merriment & festivities, people who are in recovery tend to find the holidays the most stressful on their sobriety. There are many ways you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the challenge staying sober. Get through the season with your sobriety intact by following Silver Linings Recovery Center’s tips to maintaining holiday sobriety.

10 Manageable Ways to Maintain Holiday Season Sobriety

  1. Enlist in the help of a Sober Buddy. Have a Sober Buddy join you at events and/or family functions, especially if alcohol is present. It is at these holiday situations your sobriety becomes the most vulnerable, a support system is crucial.
  2. Rethink your Obligations. If your company Christmas party is not mandatory or you feel you cannot endure another family dinner filled with triggers, then do not put yourself in these situations. You are not obligated to risk your sobriety.
  3. Avoid Known Risks. If you know certain family members or friends who are triggers for you will be attending the same celebrations you’re invited to, it is best to avoid them altogether. Do not put yourself in a position to have grin & bear it. Maintaining your sobriety and recovery must come first, even during the holidays.Silver Linings Recovery Center Holiday Sobriety Guide
  4. Introduce New Traditions. Host your own sober holiday dinner. Invite your friends over for cookie decorating. Go ice skating. Drive around the neighborhood to look at the light displays. There are so many other things to do during the holiday season that have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.
  5. Volunteer. Look for ways to be of service to others by serving meals at a homeless shelter, playing with animals up for adoptions, spending time with sick or elderly community members who cannot be with their families during the holiday season. There are many ways to give back and pay it forward.
  6. Self-Care Routine: Daily meditation, exercise and healthy eating go a long way in nourishing your mind, body and spirit.
  7. Give Thanks: Learn to adopt an attitude of gratitude, especially towards your sobriety and new sober life. Every day, or as often as you deem necessary, write down 3 things you’re grateful for and refer back to them if you start to feel the holiday blues.
  8. Have a Plan: Before the holiday parties and events begin, develop a plan to protect your sobriety. This can include not relying on someone else for transportation, attending a meeting ahead of the event and having a solid escape plan if you feel overwhelmed or vulnerable.
  9. Go to Meetings. If you’re traveling, find meetings ahead of time. If you’re staying local, keep attending your regular meetings to stay on track in your sobriety plan. Click here to find local resources and help. Silver Linings Recovery Center Holiday Sobriety Guide
  10. Check into Rehab during the Holidays. Lastly, if you’re finding yourself unable to get through the season without overwhelming cravings or being able to manage your sobriety, you should consider substance abuse treatment. The holiday season is an ideal time to get you or your loved one professional addiction treatment. Seeking treatment during the holiday season may be the best gift you give yourself and those who care about you. If you or someone you know would like more information about addiction recover and long-term sobriety, call Silver Linings Recovery Center in Langhorne, PA and East Windsor, NJ today.

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