Telltale Signs to Identify Substance Abuse Disorder

Telltale Signs to Identify Substance Abuse Disorder

Common Signs to Identify Substance Abuse & Drug Addiction

An addiction to drugs (illicit or prescription) or alcohol is defined as the physical and psychological need to use a specific substance without thought to the harm, effects or consequences to the user or their family. While many people think it is obvious to identify substance abuse in their friends, family or loved ones, the truth is that every case is vastly different. Silver Linings Recovery Center, a drug & alcohol addiction treatment center, offers several signs you can look for to recognize a substance use disorder. If you suspect someone you love is suffering from addiction, read below the telltale signs to identify substance abuse and addiction. Call our treatment facility at 1-855-960-3719 for recovery options for yourself or someone you love.

10 Ways to Identify Substance Abuse & Addiction

Neglecting Responsibilities: A person starts to become unable to manage basic responsibilities include work, home, chores, school, etc.

Isolation: They start to give up on social and recreational activities that used to give them joy.

Physical Dependence: You see they are beginning to develop a physical need to use a substance.

Risky Behavior: Your loved one will start engaging in risky behavior they’ve never done before. This can include going into bad neighborhoods late at night, driving under the influence and using in public.

Extreme Mood Swings: They have become increasingly irritable and irrational, especially when speaking about drug use and money.

Increased Tolerance: If you go out and casually drink with your friend, you may notice they are drinking much more than normal without the effects you’d expect.

Developing Unhealthy Relationships: More than likely their friend group has drastically changed and revolves solely around other users.

Financial Trouble: The substance abuse problem may begin to escalate to the point where they are now unemployed and with limited resources. Your loved one may have resorted to stealing cash or forging checks.

Repeated Drug Use: Your loved one will continue to use drugs without any regard for other people’s feelings, potential consequences or physical repercussions.

Withdrawal Symptoms: Extreme withdrawal symptoms are one of the most obvious ways to identify substance abuse. This includes extreme sweating, irritability and extreme discomfort that can only be cured by taking more drugs.

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

If you have witnessed these several signs to identify substance abuse disorder in your loved one, please reach out to seek help immediately. Silver Linings Recovery Center offers detox programs, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and addiction therapy to help you succeed and transition into a new life free of drugs and alcohol. If you or someone you love is suffering from a substance abuse issue, help is waiting; call us right away to discuss a treatment plan 1-855-960-3719.

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