Sober October: Benefits of Quitting Alcohol for 1 Month

Sober October: Benefits of Quitting Alcohol for 1 Month

Sober October: Benefits of Not Drinking for 31 Days

Sober October, much like Dry January, involves challenging yourself to cut out alcohol for 31 days. People chose to participate in this month-long wellness experiment for many reasons. Whether it is to achieve a weight loss goal, focus on your mental health, teaming with your recovering friend or family member or just to prove you can do it, there are many benefits to joining in on Sober October. Silver Linings Recover Center has highlighted the top benefits to your mind, body and spirit you’ll achieve when you challenge yourself to stay sober for 31 days.

Health Benefits of Sober October

Silver Linings Recovery Center Sober October Health & Wellness BenefitsYour body will benefit greatly by giving up booze for 31 days. Going to bed with a clean and alcohol-free system will allow you to have a greater quality of sleep. You can enjoy a restorative, refreshed full 8 hours of sleep when you’re sober as you’re less likely to toss & turn or wake up in the middle of the night. Enjoying a quality sleep will also give you more energy. You’ll no longer wake up feeling groggy or sluggish. Cutting out alcohol will bring back your natural energy, vitality and “get up and go” mentality. Secondly, you’ll begin to drop weight as you’re not consuming the extra calories associated with alcohol and you will be making more conscious food choices. Along with weight loss, many people found their blood pressure to go down a healthier level as well.

Mental Health Benefits

When you’re feeling healthier, sleeping better and enjoying more energy, naturally your mental health will be positively influenced. Many participants in the Sober October challenge found they now had the motivation to participate in activities they enjoy, rather than focusing on going out to the bars and clubs with their friends. Taking part in sober activities you’re passionate about like working out, art classes, rock climbing, yoga, pottery and more will naturally increase your bodies’ serotonin levels and you’ll feel happier and more positive about your life.

Spiritual Benefits

Silver Linings Recovery Center Spiritual Benefits Sober OctoberA benefit you may not associate with cutting out booze is the positive influence on your spirit and aura. With your newly awakened and motivated attitude towards life, you are exuding positivity and love to all of those around you. When your mind and body are free of alcohol you allow yourself to be more present in your friendships and relationships and really begin to connect in a totally different way.

Sober October may help you think about your alcohol intake a little more consciously and develop a long-term habit to cutting booze and other substances out of your life. If you or someone you know would like more information about addition recovery and how to get sober, call Silver Linings Recovery Center in Langhorne, PA or East Windsor, NJ today.

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