Recovery Habits of Highly Successful Sober People

Recovery Habits of Highly Successful Sober People

Importance of Forming Habits in Addiction Recovery & Sobriety

For those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, the process to long-term sobriety is about much more than just losing the addiction. We want to find the root cause of the addictive behavior and help you learn how to love yourself and regain happiness in your life. Just like your addiction grew out of control over time, sobriety happens by continually practicing good habits. Silver Livings Recovery Center provides seven effective recovery habits to make sure your recovery is successful.

7 Habits of Happy & Effective People in Long-Term Recovery

Surround Yourself with Positivity: One of the first lessons you’ll learn in a rehabilitation center is in order to stay sober, you must change your entire life. This includes the way you think, your actions and who you surround yourself with. You must get away from negative people and places and only have positive people who support your sobriety around you.

Prioritize your Recovery First: Stressful situations are one of the most common triggering situations for those in recovery. While it can seem difficult, you must limit the amount of stress in your life. You must prioritize your recovery and learn to say no to people and situations.

Start a Gratitude Journal: Each day, spend 15 – 30 minutes writing down the positive events, thoughts and feelings you experienced. This simple routine will not only reduce stress and improve your ability to focus, but help you recognize the positive things in your life. On bad days, you can read through past entries to readjust your attitude towards sobriety.

Meditation/Yoga: Even if you’re not a spiritual person, meditation, yoga, deep breathing and prayers are all habits that help you connect with your inner self. These methods have been proven to help live in long-term sobriety.

Attend Group Meetings: Committing to a support group with like-minded, sober individuals gives you a sense of family and increases your sober network. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings give you structure and an outlet to share triggers and anxieties.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: Staying sober isn’t just about removing drugs and alcohol from your life, it is about adapting a whole new healthy lifestyle. A nutritious, healthy diet helps you feel better from the inside out, including minimizing anxiety and relieving stress.

Discover New (Sober) Hobbies: Now that your life is not solely focused on drugs and alcohol, you can take the time to find sober hobbies and activities you enjoy and are passionate about. Whether it is exercise, painting, photography, cooking or baking, there are so many new activities to discover!

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, we’re here to help. Silver Linings Recovery Center is the leading provider for drug and alcohol addiction in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Get Help Now: 855-960-3769.

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