Reasons to Consult an Addiction Recovery Life Coach

Reasons to Consult an Addiction Recovery Life Coach

Importance of a Life Coach in Addiction Recovery

Rarely is long-term sobriety as simple as graduating from your drug & alcohol treatment plan, returning home then never again experiencing difficulties, fears or doubts about your recovery. Addiction therapy is extremely helpful to find the root of an individual’s addiction and develop skills to overcome stress and triggers. A life coach offers support and encouragement to meet both short and long term goals not only for your sobriety, but in your career, health and finances. There are numerous ways in which a life coach can assist you, no matter what stage of recover you’re currently in, Silver Linings Recovery Center has listed the top 5 below.

5 Ways a Life Coach Helps you Achieve Long-Term Recovery

Develop Recovery Plan of Action: The most important part of your sobriety journey is to have a realistic plan in place. Not only will your life coach help you develop the initial plan, they will also motivate you to stick to your goals and support you through both obstacles and accomplishments.

Power: During your sessions you get to decide what aspect of your life you’d like to focus on and set goals towards. Whether it is mending a personal friendship, getting a promotion or finishing your degree, your coach will help you device a plan and make these goals a reality.

Accountability: Since your life coach is the one who helped you to set goals, they are also the ones who will hold you accountable for your actions or non-actions. Their job is to encourage and motivate and make sure you’re constantly working towards the bigger picture. Most importantly, your addiction recovery life coach becomes your sobriety champion.

Clarity: Whether you’re 30 days or 3 years clean, a life coach helps you keep a clear vision of the future by always reiterating or resetting attainable goals. If you’re feeling lost or stuck at your particular stage of recovery, they will help you get back on track with a clear, confident mindset.

Self-Awareness: Often times, addicts lose their sense of self as they fall deeper and deeper into a cycle of pain. A large portion of your sobriety includes regaining self-awareness and understanding what you really want out of life. A life coach not only helps you identify your purpose, but guides you to discover your strengths and value.

Coaching, Therapy & Long-Term Sobriety

There are many valuable addiction resources available to those at all stages of the recovery process. Whether you choose meetings, a sponsor, therapy, life coaching sessions or a mixture of all you should not try to walk through your journey alone. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with an addiction to illicit or prescription drugs or alcohol, contact Silver Linings Recovery Center today at 1-855-960-3719; help is waiting.

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