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Residential Treatment Facility in Mercer County, NJ

Residential treatment, also referred to as inpatient rehabilitation, is just one of the many drug & alcohol recovery programs that has had great success among those struggling with substance abuse disorder. At a residential treatment facility, you will stay overnight during your specific recovery period (30, 60 or 90 days are the most common timeframes). While this type of rehabilitation program is the most intense, it is highly effective as patients can strictly focus on recovery in a supportive environment with no distractions. Residents will receive 24/7 care from our team of licensed doctors, nurses and therapists. During your stay at a NJ residential treatment facility, patients will complete detox, start therapy and formulate a post-treatment exit strategy. Silver Linings Recovery Center is dedicated to your recovery; call 1-855-960-3769 to discuss residential treatment rehabilitation at our Mercer County, NJ location.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation provides a variety of benefits that set patients up for success in long-term recovery. The 24-hour medical care, emotional support and exclusion from outside stress & triggers are especially helpful for those suffering from a severe substance use disorder. The protected environment and supportive staff allow for a safe detox process, treatment and care that are catered to your specific needs. Recovering at home can be particularly dangerous and a hindrance to your journey, especially if the environment is not stable and those around you do not support your sobriety goals. Inpatient rehabilitation is ideal for those looking for a supportive atmosphere to get clean and learn the necessary tools to maintain sobriety.

Types of Addiction Therapy in Residential Treatment

Traditional group, individual and family therapy help you identify the core reasons for your substance abuse, work past these traumas and develop healthy ways to cope with anxiety and triggers. At Silver Linings Recovery Center in East Windsor, NJ, we like to use both traditional and nontraditional therapies to align the mind, body and spirit to overcome addiction. Holistic therapies such as aromatherapy, art, yoga and meditation have proven to have a positive impact on the success or rehabilitation.

Other therapy options at treatment include:

Residential vs. Outpatient Addiction Programs 

Residential Treatment 

Patients check themselves into a facility and receive 24-hour medical care and emotional support. Inpatient rehabs offer intense programs in a very structured and defined environment. Residents focus on physical, emotional and physiological healing.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient is a part-time program that allows the patient to live at home while seeking treatment. This is only a good option for those who live and work in a stable, drug & alcohol-free environment. While this is a less-expensive option, it does not provide the safe, structured cocoon like inpatient treatment does.

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