Am I an Alcoholic? Key Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Am I an Alcoholic? Key Warning Signs of Alcoholism

A Guide to Understanding the Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse disorder look very different from the stereotypes we see on television and in movies. Sometimes alcoholics resort to theft to buy booze, get a DUI or end up homeless, but more often than not those abusing alcohol are still able to maintain a job, a family and outward success. How can we tell when the occasional drink during the week or on the weekends has become dangerous? Silver Linings Recovery Center explores the difference between casual use, alcoholism and addiction. Learn the most common warning signs of alcoholism; if any of these apply to you or someone you love, treatment programs and online assessments are available.

10 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

If you’ve been asking yourself “Am I an Alcoholic?” these warning signs may give you some insight. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol, it’s important to be aware of these signs.

Drinking alone or sneaking the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed.

Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed.

Craving alcoholic drinks.

Prioritizing drinking over other responsibilities.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Extreme mood swings and irritability.

Feeling guilty after a night of drinking.

Reaching for an alcoholic beverage first thing in the morning.

Continuing to drink despite health, financial and/or family problems.

Inability to stop or control the amount of alcohol you’re drinking.

When Stereotypes don’t Fit: 5 Types of Alcoholics

Stereotypes give us an unrealistic image of what an alcoholic looks like; an image that is certainly nothing like ourselves. In reality, there is not one type of person who becomes addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics come from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups. Below are the five types of alcoholics, do you recognize yourself in any of these?

Young Adult Alcoholic Subtype

This group makes up around 30% of alcoholics in the United States. While they drink less frequently than the rest of the subtypes, they are known to binge drink. Young adult subtype alcoholics come from families with low rates of alcohol abuse.

Young Antisocial Alcoholic Subtype

Almost half the people in this subtype are dealing with the psychiatric diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, a condition characterized by impulsiveness, lack or remorse, lack of regard for the safety of others, irresponsibility, deceitfulness and more. Usually, they’re dealing with more than one substance addiction, as well as co-occurring disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression.

Functional Alcoholic Subtype

The high-functioning alcoholic is the furthest from an alcoholic stereotype and the person is usually in denial about the level of their addiction. They’re often successful at work and have a good family life. Many can keep a full-time job (over 60%) and possess a college degree. The functional subtype makes up a low 19% of people addicted to alcohol in the US.

Intermediate Familial Alcoholic Subtype

While these types of alcoholics are generally able to keep full-time employment, they come from multiple generations of alcoholics and suffer from clinical depression.

Chronic Severe Alcoholic Subtype

Making up just under 10% of alcoholics in the US, this is the rarest subtype. Most people in this group started drinking at a young age and come from multiple generations of alcoholics. Of all the five subtypes, this group has the highest rating for other psychiatric disorders and abuse of other substances.

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, we’re here to help. Silver Linings Recovery Center is the leading provider for drug and alcohol addiction in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Get Help Now: 855-960-3769.

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