Why is Forgiveness Important in Addiction Recovery?

Why is Forgiveness Important in Addiction Recovery?

Forgiveness is a Necessary Tool for Addiction Recovery

Often, addiction to drugs and alcohol starts when a person uses substances to suppress trauma, abuse and neglect. When you start to uncover the reasons your addiction started, forgiveness is at the forefront of your journey. For some it comes easy, but for many who are just starting on their journey to long-term sobriety it can be very difficult. When it comes to addiction recovery, forgiveness and letting go of past resentment is of the utmost importance. A significant portion of your rehabilitation program will be based around healing and forgiving. Silver Linings Recovery Center highlights 5 reasons why forgiveness is paramount for long-term addiction recovery.

5 Reasons Forgiveness Aids to Long-Term Addiction Recovery & Sobriety

If you remain angry, you’re inflicting new suffering on yourself.

Holding onto anger can lead to long-term health risks including high blood pressure, high cortisol levels and an increased risk of heart attack. In addiction recovery, focusing on negative feelings and deep resentment keeps you feeling like you’re a victim and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the positive emotions.

Forgiveness isn’t for others, it’s for you.

Forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invite them back into your life, in fact you may never want to have a relationship with this person again. On this level, forgiveness becomes a spiritual principle where you choose to no longer hold anger.

Resent is strong, but forgiveness is a journey worth taking.

It can be hard to forget when someone has done us wrong; we always have the thought in the back of our mind that it could happen again. Forgiveness isn’t always about forgetting, but simply letting go of the anger and no longer wasting energy on the pain.

Free your mind, body & spirit.

In addiction recovery, forgiveness is not only the right thing to do, it will also help you heal in mind, body and spirit.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself.

Lastly, forgiving yourself is the ultimate freedom. Allow yourself to move on from beating yourself up over past mistakes, shame and guilt. Recognize that in your sobriety you are working every day to become a better person.

Rehabilitation Treatment Program

At Silver Linings Recovery Center, we focus on therapy and the 12-step program to find the root of your addiction (mental health, trauma, abuse, etc.) and focus a great portion of your recovery on forgiveness. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact our rehabilitation center today. We have two facilities conveniently located in Langhorne, PA and East Windsor, NJ to treat drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. Help is waiting, call 1-855-960-3769.

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