Identifying Drug Abuse: Hidden Symptoms of Addiction

Identifying Drug Abuse: Hidden Symptoms of Addiction

Hidden Symptoms of Addiction: What to Look for & How to Help

No matter how much you think you know a friend, family or loved one, there may be more going on beneath the surface. Underlying trauma, stress or an undiagnosed mental illness can all lead people to turn to drugs and/or alcohol to cope. While you may think you’d know your loved one enough to tell if they were dealing with an addiction, the reality is an addict will go to great lengths to hide their drug use from friends and family due to shame. Knowing and understanding the hidden signs and symptoms of addition can prevent the addiction from progressing any further. The sooner your loved one can get help, enter detox and a treatment program, the better chance they have at long term recovery.

8 Non-obvious Signs of Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Making Excuses for Uncharacteristic Behaviors

People using drugs and alcohol are constantly finding excuses for uncharacteristic or erratic behavior, many times these excuses do not make any sense. Denial, refusal to step up or take accountability may be a sign that there is an underlying drug issue.

Drastically Changing their Group of Friends

If they’re no longer spending time with lifelong friends and instead hanging around a crowd that actively engages in drug, alcohol use or bad behavior, the chances are they’re using as well.

Losing Interest in Hobbies & Activities

Has your loved one always been involved in sports, working out or cooking then suddenly stopped? Often, the reason is they’re now choosing drugs and alcohol over their hobbies and interests.

Complaining about Pain

During the withdrawal period the body will experience physical pain until the craving is satisfied. Be on the lookout for your loved one saying they’re in pain or if they look physically ill.

Isolation from Friends & Family

When your loved ones begin to disappear for long periods of time, especially when it compromises relationships with family and friends, this is usually a hidden symptom of addiction.

Sudden Mood Swings

Sudden shifts from happiness and fun to anger are indicators of an underlying issue with drug or alcohol use.

High Anxiety or Panic Attacks

People who are deep in their addiction are in constant need of their drug or alcohol. The fear of not being able to get their substance of choice brings upon panic and anxiety.

Items Start Missing

Finally, those who are desperate to get their hands on their substance of choice will often resort to stealing from their friends and family to support their habit.

If you suspect your loved one may be struggling with an addiction, education is key to getting them help before it spirals out of control. Silver Linings Recovery Center is the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in the Philadelphia tri-state area, offering two locations in Bucks County, PA and Mercer County, NJ. Get Help Now: 855-960-3769.

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