Creative Christmas Gifts for Someone in Addiction Recovery

Creative Christmas Gifts for Someone in Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Christmas & Holiday Gifts

The Christmas holiday can be a difficult time for those in addiction recovery. Company and personal holiday parties can lead to immense temptation, which prompts anxiety and can even lead to relapse if the person is not careful. If you have a loved one in any stage of addiction recovery you may be struggling to find the perfect give to promote their sobriety and express your love, pride and admiration for their journey. Silver Linings Recovery Center, a drug & alcohol addiction treatment center, offers a guide to some creative & thoughtful addiction recovery Christmas gifts.

7 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones in Recovery

One Line a Day Journal: Counselors and therapists often encourage those in recovery to write daily thoughts, emotions and affirmations. This helps to reduce stress, promote well-being and identify triggers. A “one line a day” journey is the perfect way to ease into the writing process and form the habit of writing every day.

Hobby Supplies: During your addiction treatment you’re encouraged to explore sober hobbies to provide stress release and eliminate boredom. Whether it’s sewing, painting, hiking or cooking, you can assemble a box full of supplies your loved one needs to enjoy their newfound hobby.

Sober Weekend Trip: Gather a group of their closest friends and get away for the weekend. Whether you’re just renting a house nearby or go a cabin for a camping trip, this allows your loved one to reconnect with friends & loved ones, bond and make new sober memories.

Spa Day: Health & wellness are two very important elements to maintaining long-term sobriety. A spa trip allows your loved one to relax, recover mentally & physically and release toxins. You can enjoy a massage, facial and meditation in the sauna.

Meal Kit Subscription: Cooking can often be seen as intimidating, especially for those with little experience. If your loved one has found a love of cooking during their sobriety, a meal kit subscription is a great way to get them into the kitchen and easily experiment with recipes that may seem unapproachable.

Gym/Yoga Membership: Exercise, whether weightlifting or yoga, is highly encouraged as a way to relieve stress, promote wellness and increase confidence. A 3-month pass to a local gym allows your loved one to ease into fitness without any added pressure.

Life Coaching Sessions: In therapy, we uncover the root cause of your substance abuse disorder and treat trauma. However, a life coach helps to identify short & long term goals then come up with strategies for achievement and success. These goals can be associated with relationships, careers, health & fitness or just day-to-day life.

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