Checklist of the Important Items to Bring to Rehab

Checklist of the Important Items to Bring to Rehab

Rehab Checklist: What to Bring to an Addiction Treatment Facility

Every addiction treatment center has a strict set of rules and guidelines you must follow, which includes what you are allowed (and not allowed) to bring with you when you check into rehabilitation for drug and alcohol treatment. A rehab checklist is meant not only to provide a guide of items to bring, but also to minimize distractions and promote safety. Banning items such as cell phones, games/cards, electronics and other such items allows you to solely focus on your recovery. Reading through and following the Silver Linings Recovery Center’s recommended rehab checklist of the items you should pack and bring with you allows for a smooth admission process.

10 Essential Items to put on your Rehab Intake Checklist

Emergency Contact Information: Since cell phones are not permitted inside the rehabilitation center it is encouraged to write down a list of all of your emergency contacts. The list should include the name, phone number and addresses of your family, friends, loved ones, as well as lawyer or probation officer if necessary.

Prescription Medication: Any medication prescribed by a doctor must be admitted in the original bottle with the information label undamaged.

Identification/Credit Cards/Cash: We encourage you to bring a small amount of cash, credit cards and your state issues photo ID or passport.

Clothing: You should bring two weeks’ worth of comfortable clothing including yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts or t-shirts (depending on the season), underwear and pajamas. Shoes should include sneakers, flip flops and slippers. Fitness classes are available you should also pack workout attire and sneakers.

Personal Hygiene Items: Pack all of your daily personal hygiene items including deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, feminine product, lotion, makeup, etc. All items must be alcohol free.

Notebook: During downtime, we encourage journaling to express your feelings and emotions.

Reading Material: Books or magazines should be recovery, self-help or spiritually oriented.

Necessary Jewelry: Most valuable items should be left safely at home, but you can bring necessary jewelry that you wear every day such as a wedding ring, watch or necklace with sentimental value.

Nicotine Products: Some rehabilitation centers do allow you to bring nicotine products, but they must be unopened and sealed. Eligible nicotine items include cigarettes, vapes and chewing tobacco.

Personal Affects: We want you to feel at home and comfortable during your stay at our drug & alcohol treatment center. Please feel free to bring printed out photos of your friends, loved ones and pets to give you a sense of home.

Packing for Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility

The above rehab checklist will ensure you have enough clothing and personal items throughout your treatment and recovery. Our treatment center allows you to bring many items that make your stay more comfortable.  At Silver Linings Recovery Center we provide towels, bed linens, blankets, basic toiletries and laundry service. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, help is waiting: 1-855-960-3719.

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