Benefits of Recovery Life Coaching for Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Recovery Life Coaching for Addiction Treatment

Progressive Recovery Life Coaching to Treat Addiction

Throughout your journey to recovery and sobriety you will have many people rooting you on and keeping you on the right path. Your sponsor, therapist and sober support group can provide advice and get you through the difficult times of sobriety. Adding an addiction recovery life coach to your team will hold you accountable in your sobriety while also helping you achieve personal goals. Life coaching in addiction recovery allows you to obtain the vision you’ve always had for your life – if you work for it. Learn 5 ways that life coaching will help you THRIVE in addiction recovery and long-term sobriety.

5 Ways Life Coaching Helps You Thrive in Addiction Recovery & Sobriety

Set your Own Goals: When you work with a life coach, you get to choose what you want to work on and set your own goals and aspirations. Whether you want to get a promotion at work, lose 10 pounds or develop a stronger relationship with a family member, your life coach will help you make these goals a reality.

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Immediate Clarity on Actions & Goals: Based on your short term and long-term goals, your life coach will help you create a vision for your sober life. Together, you will define the steps and develop a plan to keep you on track.

Accountability Partner: Knowing you have someone on your side who is invested in your well-being, goals and dreams is both encouraging and life changing! They will keep you accountable in all facets of life, not just recovery, but also health, spirituality, finances, professional success and hobbies.

Develop Greater Self-Awareness: Self-awareness allows you to gain clarity with where you are in your life and your recovery journey. Your life coach will not only give you the tools to succeed, but also help recognize your strengths and values.  

Gain a Champion for Your Hopes & Dreams: A life coach, especially one that focuses on those in recovery, will be there to remind you that you are capable of greatness. They are a constant who will celebrate all the successes in your life, no matter how large or small.

Life Coach Sessions & Therapy for Long-Term Recovery

Recovery and sobriety are a long, hard-fought journey; you need all the support you can get. Whether you choose a life coach, therapy sessions, NA/AA meetings or a combination of all three, there is no wrong way to seek professional help to overcome substance abuse disorder. Silver Linings Recovery Center offers many services to help you or someone you love overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Help is Waiting: 1-855-960-3769.

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